Monday, April 14, 2014

ABS Challenge April 2014

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I will keep this post short and sweet (for me, that is LOL) as I have already posted today for Tanya Goodwin's Shibori Ribbon Challenge. This necklace is my entry for the Art Bead Scene Challenge April 2014, which is this painting:

Swaying Dancer (Dancer in Green), 1877-79 by Edgar Degas
Pastel and Gouache on Paper 26" x 14" (66 x 36 cm)
**with selected palette by colour guru Brandi Hussey of Brandi Girl Blog**

The painting has bold colours well illuminated in Brandi's palette. As always, I learned a lot about an influential painter. As a tribute to the many contrasting aspects of Degas' style, I included both romantic motifs and rather more modern components.  Hope you like it :)

The little design in the Nancy Schindler pendant has always been a "dancing fairy" to my mind. Below is a grouping of little apricot flower bead caps which look like miniature dancers' skirts. The cord part of the necklace features bold lampwork discs by the inimitable Julie Burgard, Aztec Picasso Czech beads in a variety of blue-greens, and chunky dyed and hand-carved Indonesian bone beads. Strung on charcoal waxed linen with a commercial flowery button for closure (just because it was the one I really liked in this design).

Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check the ABS flickr page for lots more designs inspired by Swaying Dancer.

Shibori Ribbon Challenge

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Early in March, Tanya Goodwin of A Work in Progress felt inspired to create a challenge around a special type of ribbon called Shibori. This type of ribbon is made with intricate folding and dyeing techniques, which produces a variety of beautifully patterned and shaded designs. Tanya generously sent several of us a length of gorgeous Shibori she had on hand and encouraged us to use it to get creative:

Tanya also shared some links to some beautiful bead embroidered items. As you know, I am not really much of a "beader", so I chose to create a little ribbon sculpture instead. If you saw my design for the Color of Dreams, you noticed I had "adopted" a certain creature as a sort of totem for growth and change. So I once again used it as inspiration for my ribbon design:

I enjoyed working with my Shibori ribbon. This butterfly only used about 1/2 of the piece Tanya sent me. I haven't decided if I will make a different sculpture, or use the remaining ribbon to make a tutorial for the butterfly :) I didn't find other Shibori butterflies out there, but if anyone has seen one, I would love to have the link.

My necklace was finished with uniquely hand-dyed tubular viscose ribbon by Lorraine Stobie, Colour Complementsthreaded through heavy decorative antiqued copper chain. I thought this was the perfect "complement" to the Shibori :)

Thank you for including me in your challenge, Tanya!

Here are the other challenge participants:

 Our Hostess:
Tanya   A Work in Progress 

 Maryanne   Zingala's Workshop 

 Alenka   Pepita Handmade 

 Yep**Monique   A Half-Baked Notion**that's me 

 Carolyn   Carolyn's Creations

 Catherine   Catherine's Musings

 Therese   Therese's Treasures 

If any of you are awake during the night, here in North America there is a total eclipse of the Moon tonight, April 14th-15th. Check the link for times.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shibori Challenge and Rita's GLOSSI

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Join us tomorrow, Monday April 14th, for a blog hop featuring Shibori ribbon, a product which is new to me, but apparently very popular with bead embroiderers. Don't panic, everyone, I have NOT taken up bead embroidery just in time for this hop LOL. But I HAVE created something special and meaningful for me. 

So do drop by and see what has been created by TanyaMaryanneAlenkaCarolynMaryCatherineChristineSharylTherese and I.


Also, I just had to share what Rita of Jewel School Friends made with our Color of Dreams blog hop designs. Check out the beautiful Glossi magazine she created. I love this, Rita :) - The Color of Dreams Blog Hop

Thanks again for this wonderful and memorable celebration of our dreams, Rita!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

DAY 100 of the 100 Days 100 Pairs Challenge

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O.K., actually this is April 9th, or Day 99, but I'm posting a day early because I wanted to pass on this message in a timely way:

Ears to You  is having a special fundraising event starting today: 

"Join in our 3-day event Wednesday, April 9th to Friday, April 11th to raise funds and awareness of Ears To You!  If you live in Northeast Ohio, we have ETY earrings and new baseball hats, along with brochures and donation boxes that will be set-up in area businesses to encourage donations!  You can choose to donate any amount into the box, AND/OR donate a minimum amount to “wear your support” by choosing a pair of earrings ($10 min.) or a baseball hat ($18 min).  Take one, donate one!  If you live out of the area, please consider a donation here on our website. We rely solely on the generosity of individuals and your donation helps us continue to bring these moments of joy to cancer patients!  We are also looking for direct sponsorships from business owners and community leaders!" More on this link.

So, unbelievably, this is my final installment of ten earring pairs, numbers 91-100. Amy started this challenge back in January, and at the time I figured, "Well, I'll do what I can, but I doubt I'll be able to donate that many earrings!" I  am very happy to have been proven wrong :)

Without further ado, I present my last set, featuring a mix of my own polymer clay beads, lampwork by glass artisans Mona Sullivan, Amy Hall, and Lacy Spencer, as well as a set of Indonesian hand-carved bone components from a previous challenge. My theme this time was "White Plus", a series with bi-colour palettes, all on silver-filled earwires by Soul of Somanya:

**More details on components on the 100 Pairs 100 Days Pinterest board**

Right now I am waiting for some special earring cards being sent from the Ears to You organization, so I can get all 100 pairs packaged and mailed.

Thanks, everyone, for joining me, and for your encouragement during the 100 days of this great project :)

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Color of Dreams Blog Hop

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Welcome to the Color of Dreams blog hop! Each participant was gifted a beautiful and colourful handmade polymer clay bead made by Patricia Handschuh of The Color of DreamsHere is a description of our design challenge, as voiced by our hostess and giver of gifts, Rita of Jewel School Friends: 

"Feel free to create in any way you wish, using your bead as inspiration for your colorway, theme, technique. You are welcome to use additional Color of Dreams beads in your design, as well as artisan beads and gems and anything you like. You are not limited to jewelry.

You may share a dream that has come true, one you are working on now, or one you hope for in the future. The one goal of the hop: we'll focus on our dreams as entirely possible, with the idea, "If we can dream it, we can achieve it." So, try creating "from the end" -- as if your dream has already come true -- using your jewelry design to do so."

Thank you, Rita, for creating this lovely blog hop for all the dreamers!

Like many folks of a certain "vintage", I am often tempted to think that my dreams are a thing of the past. As a child, I wanted to visit the stars, to explore this planet and to experience the big events of our world. Then as I matured, my hopes became more "realistic": to find a career where I could thrive (failed); to stay home to raise my children (mostly succeeded); to keep music in my life (success!). I had more-or-less relegated dreaming to the past.

Yet, in my fifties, I have rediscovered the joy of learning new skills, the pleasure of creating a little beauty and the satisfaction of sharing it with new like-minded friends. I have also found a great community that supports and cheers other members as a matter of course. I "found" the internet and I haven't looked back! I am NOT a person who seeks change or growth, but they have found me, and the process of reinventing myself has been profound, humbling and exhilarating. 

You may have guessed that I have chosen a motif? What is a more appropriate expression of change and growth than the miracle of metamorphosis? I selected some simple butterfly-shaped howlite beads, which I love, to complement the lovely colours of Patricia's bead, and fashioned some simple barrel-shaped extruder beads to match them:

The star of the show... a beautiful bead handmade by Patricia Handschuh. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the world, Patricia. The bead I received is as pretty on either side:

I am now wearing this simple and comfortable bracelet as a reminder to keep dreaming. Will there be more to come when I enter my seventh decade? Change and growth seem inevitable and less frightening to me now. They are a precious gift carried on the wings of our dreams.

Now here is a list of the artists willing to share what they have dreamed:

Honorary Artist: Patricia Handschuh
Patricia's blog   The Color of Dreams
Patricias Etsy   The Color of Dreams
Hostess: TJ   Jewel School Friends
Kay Thomerson    KayzKreationz
Audrey Belanger    Toki No Hourousha
Alicia Marinache    All the Pretty Things
Terry Carter    TappingFlamingo
Jayne Capps    Mama's Got To Doodle
Lori Schneider    Bead Addict
Jenny Kyrlach    Wonder and Whimsy
Asri Wahyuingsih    Asri's Beadwork
Dini Bruinsma    Angaza by Changes
Karla Morgan    Texas Pepper Jams
Debbie Rasmussen    A Little of This, A Little of That
Veralynne Malone    Designed by Vera                     
Kathy Stemke    Vintage Memories Jewelry Design
Mowse Doyle    Mowse Made This
Heather Richter    Desert Jewelry Designs
Lori Poppe    Adventures in Creativity with LorilliJean
Andrea Glick    Zenith Jade Creations
Kathleen Breeding     99 Bottles of Beads on the Wall
Becky Pancake    Becky Pancake Bead Designs
Karen Martinez    Fairies Market
Penny Houghton    Smelly Nelly
Miranda Ackerley    Mirandack  
Carolyn Lawson     Carolyn's Creations
Chris Eisenberg    Wanderware
Christie Murrow     Charis Designs Jewelry
***ME***Monique Urquhart    A Half-Baked Notion***ME***
Eve Shelby     Raindrop Creations Jewelry by Evelyn
Cryss Thain    Here Bead Dragons
Jasvanti Patel    Jewelry By Jasvanti
Nan Smith    NanMade Handmade Jewelry
Sue Kennedy    SueBeads
Jean Yates    Snap Out of It, Jean! There's Beading to be Done!
Debbie Rogers    Debbies Treasures
Marybeth  Rich    A Few Words From Within the Pines
Shirley Moore    Beads and Bread
Shaiha Williams    Shaiha's Ramblings
Kathy Lindemer    Bay Moon Design
Linda Anderson    From the Bead Board
Judy Turner    Silver Rains
Gloria Allen    Gloria Allen Designs
Regina Wood    Ginas-Design
Robin Reed     Artistry HCBD
*Mary Goovars     MLH Jewelry Designs    (please visit after Wednesday, April 9)*
Marlene Cupo     Amazing Designs
CJ Bauschka     4 His Glory Creations

Robin Showstack   The Crazy Bead Hoarder
Cynthia O'Tool  
Sparkles and Sweets
Jael Thorp    Jael's Art Jewels
Renetha Stanziano  Lamplight Crafts

*Direct links to the pertinent post will be added as I visit each blog*

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